Leadership Team

Spruiell Douglas White

Board President

Spruiell D. White retired from the MacArthur Foundation as a Senior Program Officer in the U.S.
Program in 2011 after fifteen years of service.Prior to his Foundation appointment, he served in a number of executive leadership positions at the Chicago Jobs Council, … Read More

William Lowry

Vice President

William Lowry was Special Assistant to the President for The Chicago Community Trust. Bill Lowry has been a member of several boards including the Donor’s Forum of Chicago, United Way/Crusade of Mercy, Illinois Issues, the Chicagoland Project with Industry, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago , … Read More

Michael  Bennett, Ph.D


At DePaul University, Dr. Bennett served as executive director of the Egan Urban Center (1997-2008) and Associate Professor in DePaul’s Department of Sociology where he teaches courses in urban planning, community development, economic and social policy, and issues of race and ethnicity. Read More

Eleanor K Wilson


Kaye Wilson is president of Kaye Wilson, Inc. a consulting company located in Olympia Fields, Illinois. For over 35 years, Kaye Wilson has worked in a variety of positions in education institutions, government agencies, foundations and nonprofit organizations. As one of the first staff members of.. Read More

G. Sequane Lawrence

Non Voting Member & Director

Sequane Lawrence is the co-founder of Prim Lawrence Group a community economic development and real estate finance consulting firm founded in 1992. Sequane Lawrence was a Chicago Community Trust 2011 Fellow. His fellowship was concerned with .. Read More

Lou Turner

Lou Turner was principal grant writer for the AALPI Steering Committee. He is currently Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Urban & Regional Planning and the College of Fine & Applied Arts at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign… Read More

Robert E. Wordlaw

Robert E. Wordlaw was appointed the Executive Director of the Chicago Jobs Council in in December 1995, bringing over 25 years’ experience in planning and managing economic development programs to move disadvantaged individuals into employment and self-sufficiency.  Read More

Stephen Alexander

Dr. Stephen Alexander is an urban planner and public policy analyst focusing on social justice issues impacting the black community on economic development, strategic planning, and workforce development. Alexander holds a Master’s degree in economics and a Ph.D. .    Read More

Doresah Ford-Bey

Doresah A. Ford-Bey, is a strategic thinker who leverages her financial, marketing, and urban education expertise to assist organizations in achieving goals while meeting the needs of consumers and communities. She hones an entrepreneurial spirit with extensive experience working.. Read More

Jessyca Dudley

Jessyca Dudley is an associate director at Arabella Advisors. She helps philanthropic organizations develop strategies, evaluate programs, and explore responsive fund development plans. Jessyca manages projects and advises clients focused on a variety of topics. Read More