The African American Leadership and Policy Institute

A community-based public policy research and advocacy organization.

Health and Wellness

AALPI’s Health & Wellness Domain curates policy papers, research, and articles on key healthcare determinants and indicators in the African American community and identifies solutions to crippling healthcare challenges (HIV, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, COVID-19, faced by low-income communities in Chicago. Through the AALPI Health & Wellness Domain, research and information are available to elected officials, civic leaders and to the African American community-at-large.

Leadership Development

The African-American Leadership and Policy Institute (AALPI) is an independent community–based public policy and research organization created to foster equitable and lasting solutions to the most pressing challenges facing African Americans, here in Chicago and in the region.

Equality Advocacy

We do so by building the capacity of our community, increasing the influence of our elected leaders, creating intergenerational space for social justice activists and researchers,
and developing our collective power.

Community Engagement

Equity-focused, community-centered work combined with effective leadership strategies will align our policy agenda squarely with issues vital to the African-American community. AALPI operates as a non-profit.

Objectives and Strategies